Tumblr Fuckery






Our friends @awesomethecuriousone
pointed this out… they asked if we’d noticed a drop-off in Tumblr
activity.  So, a quick view of the stats from the last month revealed
the trend, pictured below.  It’s at least a 75% drop off in traffic.  
We’ve been consistently active, and publishing new material…so what’s up
with the trend?


We are either way off our game and
publishing crappy pics… or there’s some other Tumblr fuckery afoot.  
I’ve heard about some new feature Tumblr rolled out about picking “most
relevant,” and I wonder if that has something to do with it. Any of our
other long-time Tumblr friends experiencing the same thing?


Sure enough, after a little help from our followers and looking at the features, we discovered that Tumblr rolled out a new feature called “Best Stuff First.”  Your mobile device defaults to this setting now, and instead of seeing all posts, you see what the Tumblr algorithm wants you to see.  The algorithm minimizes the viewability of NSFW blogs…so if you want to see our stuff, DISABLE this features!  Here’s a quick “how-to” accomplish this.  First, pull up your settings, and go to Dashboard Preferences.


Then you will see this screen:

Once the toggle button is slid to the left and turned “off,” you’ll have your previous uninterrupted NSFW news feed back. 

Ultimately, if you don’t want to miss any posts from your favorite blogs, turn on notifications…that way, you will receive a notification that something has been posted.  We have them turned on for our favorite pages.

Hope this PSA helps!

Even my tiny little blog has seen a noticeable effect after the changes. Here’s to hoping that Tumblr realizes what a mistake they’ve made.

To quote Techcrunch.com …

“To be clear, by “sensitive,” Tumblr doesn’t just mean NSFW content –
something which the site has a lot of, according to web analytics
service SimilarWeb. The measurement firm estimates that adult content
drives 20.53 percent of clicks to Tumblr’s desktop site, compared with
the next largest referring category, books and literature, which drives
just 7.61 percent of clicks.“

I will boost this every time it appears on my dash. My Notifications graph has essentially flatlined since this “enhancement.”

I’ve seen the same issue with my notifications.  Also, I started to think Tumblr was just in a slump because my dash was pretty lifeless.  I found this and switched it off and it was as if Tumblr was alive again. They must be using someone else’s definition of “Good Stuff”. 

I feel like a tumblrweed blowing in the wind, with traffic at an all time low, miniscal numbers of new followers, so maybe tumblr want all us NSFW sites to fuck off. If they keep that piece of programming on the site they will succeed. I think they know all too well what they are doing.